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Leadership is intentional and requires us to be genuine

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Leadership requires us to be mindful of how we act in each moment, the things we say, and how people perceive us. These are all things that are done with a desired outcome. Whether it’s to grow in your career, increase revenue, bring a community together, or inspire a family, it’s all done with a greater outcome in mind. This requires each of us to be genuine.

Steve breaks this down into 3 parts

  1. The Genuine Part
    People want to work for leaders that care for the people in their scope. Care for their wellbeing, their careers, and their lives. People can see right through someone who is doing it for only the profits and numbers.
  1. The Intentional Part
    Leadership takes effort. There are techniques we rehearse. If this was easy, everyone would do it. Leaders are special, because they build trust with others, practice the craft of leadership, learn to trust ourselves, become vulnerable, and listen to others which takes effort, curiosity, and consistency.
  1. The Leadership Part
    Leadership is a feeling; it’s how we inspire on the inside and how much people feel we care for them. When we earn trust, what comes next is unstoppable. To accomplish this, we need to know where we stand first, get feedback, take a deep look at ourselves and how we operate. It’s all in the details. How we interact, handle ourselves, and confidence we show.
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