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Creating leaders that can handle today’s business needs is instrumental for an organization to thrive. Closing leadership gaps will support an engaged workforce and enable greater performance.

Key Takeaways
  • Learn more about the biggest competitive advantage to an individual career or an entire organization
  • Identify who you are as a leader and how to leverage your skills
  • Gain a greater understanding of what people want from a leader
  • Equip yourself with the resources to help people feel engaged in their work
  • Discover how to reach people at their core and develop sustainable motivation

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About Steve Reiner

Steve Reiner has been in corporate America for almost 20 years. Much of his career was spent in Miami before relocating to Chicago and then, Dallas. Steve held a variety of roles in sales, management, and leadership. He started in entry level sales as he was graduating college. After working a few years, he went back to school and received an MBA from Nova Southeastern in Ft Lauderdale.

From there, Steve’s story gets interesting, as he began some of the toughest roles he has held in business. These roles were tough because this is where he learned about managing himself and leading other people. Much of the stories Steve shares come from this time because of the impact it had on his life. During these two positions is where he began to create the leader he would become through experience, awareness, and practice. This is the time Steve started building a leadership journey that would carry him further into his career.

Steve Reiner
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We can create a custom talk around the topics most important to your organization:

  • Creating leaders that can handle today’s business needs
  • Giving employees what they truly want
  • Developing stronger connections
  • Supporting employee engagement
  • Building an inclusive workplace
  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Maximize performance
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