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You don’t have to be a born leader to be a leader

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Learn how to become a more effective leader. This includes leading people, business, a family, or a community. Anyone can create the leader they want to be if we have a desire and a willingness to learn.



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This workshop focuses on:

  1. Finding a path to leadership
  2. What to do along the path
  3. As you head down the path of leadership

Steve shares his experience and emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. He emphasizes the need for improved communication skills and understanding other people’s reactions and body language. Steve emphasizes that leadership is not about authority, instead it’s about influence, trust, communication, and inspiring people. Just like a musician or painter, leadership is an art. Leaders are like a fingerprint, no two are the same. Leadership goes beyond the textbook and allows our uniqueness to shine. He shares his experiences in taking on new roles every few years and how it provided the tough experiences to improve his communication skills. He also emphasizes the value of receiving feedback and being open to receiving it to improve and learn from people’s experiences. Steve encourages managers to understand how to coach and develop talent, as this is their main job function.

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1 review for You don’t have to be a born leader to be a leader

  1. Michael R.

    Steve’s energy and passion really comes through. His presentation was highly motivating and useful. Can’t wait for the next one.

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